Numb and number

"God created the natural numbers, and all the rest is the work of man"

Leopold Kronecker

Despite our involvement in the computer industry and, we have to admit it, the heavy use we make of computers, we do our best to maintain our attachment to the God's creation and enjoy the things that are natural. Natural numbers are no exception.

The important part of our attachment to the Nature is not the riddance of Man's inventions (which is yet another kind of entertainment humankind came up with), but rather we need to remind ourselves once in a while what are those things we play with daily.

It is hard to believe nowadays, but back when we were kids it was possible to do arithmetics without even knowing what the computer or calculator is. You could just scribble with a pencil a couple of numbers on the piece of paper, do some magic... et voila! Here comes the result!

If you are one of those weird people who happen to know that there is more to arithmetics than the buttons on your calculator, then these toys may remind you of the old times when you could do it with paper and pencil.

If you have no idea what in the world paper means (and the same goes for pencil), then you better go find out before it's too late and come again soon!

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